Julia Webster Counselling Services

About counselling

Counselling is a Talking Therapy providing the opportunity to explore difficulties in your life - thoughts, feelings and emotions - anxiety and depression - stressful circumstances - relationship difficulties - other major life events such as bereavement and trauma.  Using a Person Centred Approach I offer my clients a unique space in which to explore their difficulties in a warm, empathic, safe and caring environment. I will not judge you but help you to find a way through your problem.  My approach is non directive, leaving you in control of the topics under discussion at all times.  I will not make you talk about anything you are not comfortable with but will encourage and support you to attempt to understand your feelings, beliefs and values.

There is no "one size fits all". We are all different - I therefore tailor my approach to each individual. I aim to provide the right conditions to enable a trusting relationship to be formed which will allow you to be totally open and honest in all discussions. In this way we can address your innermost worries and concerns in a safe and confidential setting and work towards making positive changes to improve your quality of life.